How to install Scalar DL in your local environment with Docker

This document shows how to set up a local environment that runs Scalar DL along with the back-end Cassandra server using Docker Compose.


Clone scalar-samples repository

scalar-labs/scalar-samples repository is a project for users to start working on Scalar DL instantly.

Determine the location on your local machine where you want to run the scalar-samples app. Then open the terminal and cd to the directory and run the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd scalar-samples

Docker login

docker login is required to start the Scalar DL Docker image. Because the scalar-server repository on Docker Hub is currently private, your Docker account needs to be listed as a collaborator of the repository. Ask a person in charge to get your account ready.

$ docker login

Start up the server

The following command starts up the Scalar DL server along with the back-end Cassandra server in the Docker containers. At the first time you run the command, the required Docker images will be downloaded from Docker Hub.

$ docker-compose up

You may want to run the containers in the background. Add the -d (--detach) option:

$ docker-compose up -d

Load the initial schema

It is needed to load the initial schema into the Cassandra server to play with Scalar DL. You have to run this step one time only. The data stored in Cassandra are persisted in the Docker Volume.

Execute the following command once:

$ docker-compose exec cassandra cqlsh -f /create_schema.cql

Shut down the server

To shut down the containers:

  • If you started the containers in the foreground, type Ctrl+C in the terminal where docker-compose is running.
  • If you started the containers in the background, run the following command.
$ docker-compose down